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Location: Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
Gender: Female
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R30000- R35000
Cost & Management Accounting

National Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting:Cost & Management Accounting (1 & 2 & 3), Financial Accounting (1 & 2 & 3), Internal Audit, Mercantile Law , Company Law, Tax Law, Statistics , Economics, Computer Science
Certificate Fundamental Management Program:Activity Planning & Control; Introduction to Financial Management; Labour & Employee Relations; Leadership & interpersonal skills; The Management Process; Occupational Health & safety
Computer Practice N3:Computer Practice
Grade 12:Afrikaans, English, Maths, Physical Science, Accountancy & Business Economics
Pastel Premier,VIP Payroll,Microsoft,MS Access,MS Word,MS Schedule,Pastel,In House (Back End),Pastel Payroll,Pastel Basic,E-Mail,Internet,MS Projects,Syspro,Word Perfect,Typing 50 w.p.m.,3G,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,Pastel Evolution,Windows NT Workstations,Wordstar
Management, Construction and Facilities Management.:Financial Manager From 2014-09 To 2014-10
  • Provide Comprehensive Management Accounting, Financial Accounting and Administrative Services to the company + PBS Group.
  • Managing / Supervision (+ develop) of staff - 6 Staff members (1 Assistant FM & 4 Accountants & 1 Bookkeeper)
  • Train/ development of financial staff (In journals, debt collecting, creditors recon, financial report writing & computer systems: Pastel Partner & Pastel Evolution)
  • Manage accounting activities of bookkeeper, accountants & assistant FM
  • Financial Resource Planning
  • Provide financial information to the executives of the PBS Group. (3 Subgroups & 14 companies.)
  • Established and maintain effective communication between the finance sector and the business units.
  • Ensure that documents and records for financial transactions are adequate.
  • Serve on the Financial and Audit committee
  • Maintain the asset register
  • Ensure the security and proper storage of financial records.
  • Manage systems & procedures + maintain and control the financial data base

South Australian owned company offering high quality, retail and office fit-outs, commercial joinery and kitchens.:Financial Controller / Manager From 2012-07 To 2014-08
  • Doing the company’s Books up to Balance Sheet – Also Doing Monthly Management packs.
  • GL Recons on all income statement and balance sheet accounts – This includes: salary journals, credit card journals, fix asset & depreciation journals, long term loan journals, Petrol card journals, directors’ loan accounts, control accounts and suspense accounts. 
  • Doing VAT calculations and monthly SARS E-filing.
  • Debtors Invoicing (billing) & debt collecting(Statement distribution, as well as allocating payments and discounts granted)
  • Regular stock takes & stock level journals(As well as checking on warehouse department and buying department – regarding procedures and documents)
  • Controlling / supervising the creditor’s clerk and signing off creditors payments.
  • Preparing for yearly audits & assisting the auditors.
  • All the computer work is done on Pastel Evolution and MS Office programs

Consumer Products - FMCG:Financial Accountant From 2011-10 To 2012-04
  • Doing Books to Balance sheet for all branches and divisions of STAX Super stores. Helping the FD with compiling monthly management reports for the board of directors.
  • In charge of Creditors division of all Stax braches and divisions – Doing myself the payment recons, payment schedules, all documents relating to creditors recons and communicating with all suppliers – Over 180 suppliers – monthly book value of R7 to R8 million & over 1000 relevant financial documents per month.
  • Transferring all financial data from in-house point of sales and stock purchase, requisitions and IBT program over to Pastel Partner.
  • Loading and checking all staff commissions and Spiv payments. Making sure all the commissions and SPIV is forward billed to the relevant suppliers.
  • Compiling and checking the reports from branch managers regarding the weekly sales reports for all braches.
  • Compiling weekly cash flow reports.
  • In charge of the filing and archiving of all financial documentation for both stores.
  • In charge of the debt collecting department and also the cashbook division.

Consumer Products - FMCG:Accountant From 2010-02 To 2010-07
  • Up to balance sheet
  • Doing Books to balance sheet (Management Accounts) for the next 5 companies in the group of companies (That all belong to CARATCO PTY LTD group):

Flawless Seychelles – 4 Branches on 4 islands

  • Task: Have to do the books in Euro – allot of daily foreign exchange rate calculations as there are 8 bank accounts: (3x) US$, (3x) Seychelles Rupee and (2x) Euro – all these entries had to be all shown as Euro in the company’s books. Also all the general ledger, debtors and creditors accounts had to be shown as Euro.

DSA Seychelles – 2 Branches on 2 islands

  • Task: Have to do the books in Euro – allot of foreign exchange rate calculations as there are 3 bank accounts: (1x) US$, (1x) Seychelles Rupee and (1x) Euro – all these entries had to be all shown as Euro in the company’s books. Also all the general ledger, debtors and creditors accounts had to be shown as Euro. Also, I had to do the intercompany load account between the two companies in Seychelles.

Caratco T/A Jewel Africa – 5 Branches in the Western Cape of South Africa

  • Task: They had only 3 bank accounts and 3 petty cash books. I had to do their Creditors recon (About 40 Creditors per month & also do their payments on the Nedbank internet payments – along with the salary payments. I also had to do this company’s VAT & PAYE calculations and the SARS E-Filing every month.

EMET Diamond dealers – They are a diamond wholesaler company – They buy & sell international & locally diamonds

  • Task: I had to also work with Nedbank Foreign exchange division and buy & sell foreign exchange. On top of the Books to balance sheet I had to do their debt collecting & their Suppliers recons. I also had to do this company’s VAT & PAYE calculations and the SARS E-Filing every month. I also had to do the company’s payroll for them. 

The Diamond site T/A The Jewellery Clearance company:

  • Task: I also had to do their books to balance sheet & help out with their debt collection. 
  • I also had to do the company’s VAT calculation and SARS E-Filing. 

Please note: All the books were done on Pastel Partner & Pastel Payroll.

Temporary Assignment

Util Labs
November 2009 to February 2010

  • Expense analysis
  • Cost accounting
  • Fixed asset register (over 800 fixed assets)
  • Full function Accounting

Telecommunications:Financial manager / controller From 2010-07 To 2011-07
  • Daily Cash Flows, Cash Forecasts and Analysis thereof
  • Management of Shipping process
  • Letters of Credit / Forward Exchange Contracts – When shipping clerk off sick & on leave.
  • Month end tasks including ensuring accuracy of month end figures & intercompany invoicing
  • Management of monthly Financial Reports.
  • Management of Stock control – this includes stock takes, stock + purchase reports – Also compiling stock orders.
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Preparing of all Sales Reporting (Actual, forecast and budget) - Dailey, weekly and monthly Sales Reports.
  • Management of all expenditure, including Travel and Cell Phone contracts
  • Assisting with yearly audit procedure and assisting with preparation of audit file.
  • Management and doing about 60% of invoicing for  certain services rendered (also forward billing) by company +  compiling the debit orders batch on the bank - from customers accounts  - for services rendered to them
  • Assisting the technical department in doing their administration when the technical administrator is off sick or on leave.
  • Manage 3 Staff Members  

Consumer Products - FMCG:Snr Bookkeeper From 2008-03 To 2009-06
  • Bookkeeping, 
  • Debt collecting
  • salaries & Supervisor of 2 accounts / orders clerks (On Pastel Partner & VIP payroll programs) 
  • Management of Accounts
  • (Check up on debtors And Creditors clerks x2 and help out with recons.) 
  • Cashbooks (2x bank accounts + 4 x credit cards + 1x very large petty cash book) 
  • All general ledger entries to close books up to balance sheet
  • All financial books on Pastel Partner Version 9.3)
  • Monthly payroll for 38 permanent staff members and a bi-monthly payroll for 150 season workers. (On VIP Payroll) 
  • Do all VAT & PAYE SARS E- filing 
  • Give Management Accounts to directors on a monthly basis. (Trial balance, Income Statement & Balance Sheet)

Service:Accountant From 2008-07 To 2009-10
  • Supervisor of 1 accounts clerk (Using Pastel Partner, Pastel Evolution & MS Office Excel and MS Word Computer programs) -Sales value R96 Million p.a.
  • customers consisted of the next companies: MTN; Cell C; Vodacom; AOS; FNB; Old Mutual; Hollard South Africa; Hollard Australia; Hewlett Packard SA; IBM SA; Investec; Pick ?n Pay Banking; RMB; Sun International; Santam & UCSS 
  • Billing / invoicing consists of doing the next
  • Checking monthly timesheets for 180 consultants;
  • Ensuring the correct rate per hour is loaded. 
  • Ensuring the correct order / project number was loaded 
  • Making sure the correct hours was loaded on to the invoices. 
  • Making sure that each final tax invoices was presentable for each customers needs. 
  • Project accounting to make sure we have not yet overbilled on projects / orders. 
  • Keeping track of other ad-hock projects that were billed per job completed. 
  • Invoicing on behalf of iLAB Australia & checking 10 staff members
  • Timesheets, per month for iLAB Australian 
  • Loading up the monthly turnover detail onto a P&L report for the company. 
  • Controlling & supervising the accounts clerk in loading up the hours onto the P&L report 
  • Filing of all copy invoices, with attachments
  • Sending and delivering the invoices to the customers on a monthly basis
  • Phoning & emailing customers regularly to find out about payments
  • Meeting customers face to face to follow up on invoice problems & payment problems
  • Doing the receipting & allocations of payments onto Pastel Evolution
  • Filing all remittance advices & correspondence with customers regarding payments & problems on invoices
  • Making sure all invoices is loaded up onto the individual customer websites, who requires the suppliers to do so. 
  • Ad hoc duties:
  • Doing the Creditors accountants work when she is on leave. 
  • This includes EFT payments, Petty cash, and order placements, collecting of Company mail,
  • Buying of staff refreshments & cleaning equipment. 
  • Assisting the Companyauditors with Documents & other work related legal forms

A Division of African Access Holdings Group:Financial Controller From 2007-06 To 2007-11
  • Managing 4 financial staff members (One Supervisor & 3 financial creditor’s clerks) 
  • this involves the checking & signing of all Cheque remittances to all suppliers. The 4 staff Members did all 
  • the payments to all the Suppliers. (An average of R450 million per year paid to more than 200 suppliers of books & Services). 
  • It also involved the controlling of leave & work Performances for all 4 staff members. 
  • Doing the cashbook & allocations of all the payments on Pastel Partner. (This involves bank recons for 3 bank Accounts) 
  • Doing the general ledger journals regarding Salaries (Also on Pastel Partner) Doing the petty cash cashbooks for 2 Companies (Edu-Solutions & Edu-Logistics) 
  • Helping to set up 2 new companies on the Pastel Partner programs, for the director of Edu- Solutions. 
  • Helping also with training of 15 staff members regarding the use of use of Pastel Partner in the Orders department, Point of Sails & Warehouse. 7)
  • I was also in charge of the sanitary & pest control contracts in one of the new offices & warehouse buildings of Edu-Procurement

Optometrist Franchise & Corporative:Snr Bookkeeper From 2006-08 To 2007-05
  • The Main Job functions was cashbooks 
  • The upkeep of 23 bank accounts with 4 South African merchant banks & 10 South African & international credit card Companies
  • The entries per cashbook are an average of 800 lines per month
  • Bank Recons also was done on Pastel Partner
  • Doing salaries for 23 branches staff that are whole owned by one owner(Total staff 150 100 full time & 50 students or stand in Optometrists
  • Timesheets was also checked before salaries were loaded onto the Pastel Payroll System. 
  • Search & recon of medical aid payments of 23 of the same branches as what the salaries are done for
  • An average of 80 medical aid Remittances are emailed & posted to me on a Daily basis & comparison needs to be made on the bank statements, before it can be forwarded to the branch for recording against the patients account.
  • Stand in for the Financial Manager (she was in Charge of 4 staff members @ the head office)
  • When the Financial Manager was on leave had the second authorisation to release payments for creditors & salaries on the bank
  • Sorting out of incoming mail from the post office & making sure all medical aid cheques are banked on time. Handle all staff salary & medical aid deposit Queries per phone & e-mail. 
  • Do a weekly cash flow report & bank balance Report for all the 100% owner of 23 Torga Optical Stores he also wanted a bank balance Report from his 50% partnership bank accounts (25 of them) every week.

Consulting Engineers:Admin Manager From 2004-12 To 2006-06
  • Administrating the salaries functions, (for the Head Office & the 5 smaller companies – the Total 150 staff members.)  
  • Making sure that all the salaries & creditors are paid on time, via internet banking or by Cheque. (For 3 of the company’s branches).
  • Paying overall expenses for company & claiming it back from 5 branches. 
  • Debt collecting. (Sending of all statements and Communicating with debtors or a regular basis.)  (For 3 branches of the company). Allocating new project numbers & invoices Numbers (For 3 branches of the company.) 
  • Making sure all the financial documents, for the Company’s auditors are compiled. 
  • Making sure all the cheque payment advices and invoices are loaded up onto the company’s accounting system. (Company used Proman Plus and Pastel accounting systems) 
  • Making sure the SARS returns are done and Paid for VAT & PAYE. (For 6 Branches) 
  • The petty cash facility, for the head office, was Also in my department. (I had to make sure all Cleaning materials & staff refreshments were regularly bought.) 
  • Supervising and training 4 staff members to assist me in completing the above task

Manufacturer & Distributor of TV?s & DVD?s, Microwaves, Hi-Fi?s, Home Theatre Systems &:Debtors Manager / Supervisor: From 2000-04 To 2004-11
  • This includes the controlling of more or less 100 debtors’ Accounts.
  • The amounts are from R12 000 (that was for the smallest of the One man business accounts) to R12 million (That was for the biggest of the 10 furnisher chain store accounts)
  • Did this on Pastel Accounting Version 5 & Pastel Evolution(Please note: controlling means opening new accounts, closing old accounts, writing off bad debts, reconciliation of accounts, checking each order for price and dealing with queries – in writing and per telephone)
  • Please note I am also an expert in the Shoprite/Checkers statements and queries – that company has a special way that statements and queries need to be done.)
  • The buying of all stationery, cleaning Equipment and all beverages for customers & staff.
  • Translating some of the customers speech to Proper English, for the management, because most of them can understand the Chinese language, Mandarin, but a little bit of the South African English way of pronouncing English.
  • Also had to help them with some laws of the South African Government. 
  • Helped the management to employ new staff for the financial department.
  • Also supervised 2 staff members in the debtor’s department. (The orders clerk and the locations/cashbook clerk. As a manager I could do both their jobs when they were on leave) 
  • Doing some creditors payments and creditors recon work for the financial Manager, when he was on leave.  Help designing financial forms and Systems for The financial department and the cost accountant
Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
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