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Technical Training Specialist/Manager

Candidate: 39805
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Male
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Technical Training Specialist/Manager
R55000- R60000
1 Calendar Month
Education, Training & Development (NQF Level 5)

National Technical Certificate - (NQF Level 4):Applied Drawings 1 & 2, Engineering Drawings 3, Mathematics 1,2 & 3,Motor Electr Theory 1 & 2, Electrotechnology 3, Applied Science 1 & 2, Engineering Science
Certificate - Education, Training & Development (NQF Level 4) :Intro to the field of ETD, ETD Occupation Directed Practitioner Development, Planning and Preparing, Delivery of Learning, Intro to Assessments and Evaluations, Coaching and Counselling to mentor Learners
Diploma - Education, Training & Development (NQF Level 5):Needs Analysis, Learner Support, Learning Facilitation/Elective, Philosophy of ETD, Assessments & Evaluations and Project Facilitation
Trade Test Certificate and Diploma:Automotive – Electrician (NQF Level 5)
Grade 12:
MS Access,MS Word,MS Visual Basic,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,MS Publisher,Microsoft,ISO,E-Mail,Internet,MS Projects,Windows (basic)
Automotive - Motor Vehicles:Technical Training From 2012-01 To Current
  • Managing, planning, organising, developing and implementing and all Iveco South Africa technical training initiatives, which primarily focus on after sales, customer service, vehicle technology systems training
  • Ensuring training initiatives provide development opportunities for dealer network technical staff pertaining to Apprentices and Technicians
  • Managing ISA annual training calendar, expenditure budgeting for all technical training interventions, record keeping and maintaining of lecture and practical rooms inclusive of structure and all equipment
  • Ensuring technical training development of workplace expertise and improved performance in accordance with organisational strategies and objectives
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with relevant stakeholders, example, Setas, Providers, Iveco dealerships nationally and internationally

Automotive - Motor Vehicles:Technical Training Officer From 2010-02 To 2011-12
  • Supported Barloworld Automotive Dealer Network nationally in skills development
  • Provided Learner Support, Mentoring, Coaching and Guiding of Apprentices
  • Conducted recruitment, selection, aptitude testing and placement of Apprentices
  • Liased with MerSeta pertaining to Mandatory and Discretionary Grant payments
  • Administered CBMT, AATP, Time Based/Section 13 & 28 Apprenticeship programmes
  • Conducted Auto-Electrical & Mechanical technical training course interventions
  • Conducted selections, interviews, psychometric tests and placement of Apprentices
  • Provided learner support to learners, guide and mentor junior trainers
  • Conducted Motor and Diesel Mechanic CBMT Level 1 - 4 Modular tests
  • Designed, developed and implemented technical training programmes
  • Conducted competency assessments of Apprentices, Technicians and Administrative staff
  • Maintained training and assessment records – electronic and hard copies
  • Maintained high standard of learner success rate and competency
  • Liased with MerSeta regarding Apprenticeship performances and assessments
  • Developed annual training schedules/planner for Barloworld Training Academy
  • Conducted Dealer Network visits to Barloworld Automotive Franchises nationally

Training and Development:Technical Training Consultant – Self Employment From 2008-03 To 2010-01

Started this company in order to assist Border-Kei region Manufacturing, Production & Trades factories and industries in the Eastern Cape pertaining to:

  • Assisted in Apprenticeship registration and documentation
  • Assisted in conducting Dept of Labour training programmes
  • Assisted in pre-trade assessments and on-the-job training
  • Assisted individuals with Section 28 status into final trade testing
  • Conducted skills development course interventions
  • Conducted automotive Workseeker training programmes
  • Compiled Workplace Skills Planning compilation
  • Motivated, guided and assisted companies in career guidance
  • Conducted automotive technical training interventions

Automotive & Earthmovingquiipment:Technical Training Manager From 2007-07 To 2008-09
  • Assisted in set up of Competence Development Centre policies
  • Administered Apprenticeship training program nationally
  • Conducted specialised training on Trucks and Buses
  • Guided, coached and mentored junior Technical Trainers
  • Actively supported Volvo Trucks Southern Africa Dealer Network.
  • Planned and co-ordinated technical training for SADC region
  • Actively supported Dealers & customers in solving technical problems
  • Updated technical training material and training aids.
  • Audited Training Academy tools, special tools and training vehicles
  • Inducted newly appointed technical Dealer Network personnel
  • Developed technical training course material
  • Administered Apprenticeship registration and contracts
  •  Developed technical skills to Manufacturing Plant operators
  • Administered tests, record and update scores and competencies
  • Organised pre-trade training and qualifying trade test documentation
  • Administered Mandatory and Discretionary grant payments
  • Assisted in Workplace Skills Plan compilation

Automotive - Motor Vehicles:Senior Service School Instructor From 2005-02 To 2006-12
  • Conducted technical training courses (mechanical & electronic)
  • Planned Service School annual training schedule
  • Monitored and controlled Service School Instructors
  • Supported VWSA Dealer Network and customers
  • Controlled Service School training vehicles and equipment
  • Responsible for Commercial vehicles and Bus technical training
  • Administered tests, scores and competencies for workshop staff
  • Conducted trainer-a-trainer course interventions
  • Attended trainer seminars (national and international)
  • Conducted on –the – job training for Technicians & Artisans
  • Visited and technically supported VW Dealers and customers
  • Diagnosed and repaired problematic/malfunctioning vehicles

Automotive - Motor Vehicles:Product Technical Trainer From 2000-01 To 2005-01
  • Conducted needs analysis and identify training needs
  • Assisted Aftersales division in supporting DaimlerChrysler customers
  • Identified performance discrepancies in skills competencies
  • Implemented training programs, material and aids
  • Identified and addressed trainee learning difficulties
  • Conducted technical training courses (mechanical & electronic)
  • Supported MBSA Dealer Network, fleet owners and customers
  • Administered customer technical queries on vehicles (DTAC)
  • Provided recommendations and solutions for Dealer Network
  • Conducted technical training courses  internationally (Angola, Malawi, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana, etc)
  • Attended meetings, seminars and MBSA learning interventions national and internationally
  • Diagnosed problematic/malfunctioning vehicles
  • Conducted assessments and evaluations
  • Conducted Star Diagnostic Equipment Specialised training

Education - Training:Trade Training Instructor / Senior Training Officer From 1990-04 To 1999-12
  • Conducted in-service training for Border - Kei Industries
  • Prepared technical course context and training aids
  • Conducted on – the – job training interventions
  • Conducted pre – trade and in- service training interventions
  • Conducted recruitment and job assessments
  • Empowered entrepreneurial skills to small business
  • Conducted workseeker training for youth
  • Placed trainees in the Border-Kei industries/factories
  • Designed and implemented course materials                  
  • Administered tests, assessments and competencies
  • Advised, assisted, guided and counselled Training Officers
  • Managed  7 Automotive Workshop Training Instructors
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Kempton Park
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
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