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Candidate: 22358
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Female
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Internal Sales
R24000- R35000
30 Days

Diploma in Marketing:Sales,Communication,Market Research & Stats
Business Logistics (Transport Approach):Business Logistics
Grade 12:Zulu,English,Afrikaan,Mathematics,Business EconomicsAccountancy
MS Word,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,Lotus,E-Mail,Internet,Windows (basic)
A leading stockist and distributor of both specialty and commodity raw materials to a variety of industries in South Africa.:Senior Customer Service and Coordinator From 2018-09 To Current


  • Conduct visits to clients to identify problematic areas.
  • Responsible for growing and maintaining new and existing business in order to improve and promote sales daily.



  • Process local and international orders.
  • Main Duties / Responsibilities
  • Processing of orders on SAP and releasing to Winfreight to ensure we meet delivery expectations.
  • Maintenance of Backorders and forward orders on SAP.
  • Monitoring of stock levels to meet Customer’s needs, including reserved stock.  Assisting with quotes and monthly pricing.
  • Monitor deliveries, making sure we meet our SLA with regards to OTIF.
  • Communication with Customers with regards to order status, stock availability pricing etc.
  • Manage all incoming calls in a professional manner.
  • Process purchase requisitions and convert STO.
  • Confirm picking to create delivery notes.
  • Follow up on customer payment on COD’s.
  • Ensure External sales are kept informed of any developments relevant to their accounts.
  • Ensure that all Customer complaints, issues and queries reach a successful and appropriate conclusion, including account queries.
  • Processing of service credit notes for overcharges.
  • Request for stock transfer from DBN branch.
  • Creating Purchase Order
  • Invoicing transport for Direct deliveries
  • Leasing with transport companies on Export Orders.
  • Leasing with Coordinators from Afton Lubricants in the UK.
  • Monitor Back Order report.
  • Open, follow up and close relevant customers' non-conformities
  • Dealing with Tankers loads for bulks and heating process, update customer on outcome, and sending all paperwork to buyers/Production Manager.

Food Packaging:Senior Customer Service and Coordinator From 2015-07 To 2018-08
  • Procument (70%) and Logistics Coordinator (30) - Reporting into Customer Service Manager and Customer Service Director based in the UK.


  • Conduct visits to clients to identify problematic areas.
  • Responsible for growing and maintaining new and existing business in order to improve and promote sales daily.



  • Process local and international orders.
  • Confirm orders with customers and attend to customer queries and complaints.
  • Follow up on orders for on-time deliveries.
  • Notify customers in advance about any delays.
  • Prepare and issue of pro-forma invoices.
  • Assist with invoicing and delivery note processing and filing.
  • Fulfil the functions of the other Customer Services employees when necessary.
  • Follow up and coordinate with shipping departments for all documents required as per customer’s instructions or letter of credits.
  • Process order-to-cash activities and coordinate customer requirements.
  • Understand and provide input with regards to customer demand.
  • Solve customer and supply chain issues to ease deliveries requirements.
  • Provide feedback and maintain a clear and efficient communication flow between Customers and Sealed Air.
  • Understand and take ownership of customer constraints to continuously improve Sealed Air service levels.
  • Open, follow up and close relevant customers' non-conformities.
  • Perform monthly demand planning activities in line with information received from customers.
  • Highlight, propose and follow up on potential action plans.
  • Communicate with commercial on potential commercial issues and required actions.
  • Organise visits for major clients with adequate business review, performance review and inventory of existing consignment stock.
  • Process purchase requisitions and convert STO.
  • Confirm picking to create delivery notes.
  • Follow up on customer payment on COD’s.
  • Print delivery notes send to the factory at logistics.

Wood Manufacturers:Internal Sales Supervisor From 2007-06 To 2015-03

Staff Management:

  • Coached the team in order to ensure quality of delivery met the appropriate standards.
  • Measured and managed staff to ensure out-of-line situations were immediately addressed.
  • Managed drivers with respect to advising customers of estimated time of arrival of stock.


Sales and Marketing:

  • Handled all general enquiries telephonically on a daily basis.
  • Assisted clients with product queries with the aim of promoting sales daily.



  • Dealt with all incoming calls, email and faxes.
  • Dealt with the accounts department to allow deliveries to take place.
  • Responsible for invoicing consignment.
  • Ensured all customer credit facilities were approved and assisted in resolving any payment queries.
  • Coordinated and prepared all weekly and monthly sales reports and loss of sales reports and forwarding thereof.


Stock Administration:

  • Captured orders received onto the SAP system.
  • Dealt with suppliers for raw material and negotiated prices.
  • Issued purchase order to suppliers.
  • Maintained a back order of over R 25 000 000.00.
  • Liaised daily with the factory and production department regarding orders pending.
  • Handled all consignment stock.
  • Arranged transport for stock to be delivered to customers.
  • Prepared and distributed consignment reports on a weekly basis.
  • Conducted visits to customers to conduct stock take on consignments.
  • Responsible for invoicing consignment on a daily basis.
  • Dealt with all stock returns and claims.
  • Monitored vehicle capacity loading.
  • Responsible for load planning for customers in Gauteng and Durban areas.
  • Attended production meetings for stock updates.




Building - Construction:Internal Sales Administrator From 2004-03 To 2007-06

Sales and Marketing Activities:

  • Work closely with external customers/ vendors to promote sales effectively
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to all incoming sales enquiries via telephone, fax, email or in person
  • Follow-up on all queries, preparing proposals where necessary
  • Assist in implementing the departmental strategy as set by the Customer Service and Supply Chain Manager
  • Assist in the implementation of customer service procedures and policies
  • Responsible for co-ordinating of direct customer service activities reports
  • Provide input and ideas into divisional initiatives and subsequently promote these initiatives and monitor responses
  • To liaise at all times with all team members and work as a team to reach targets set by the Customer 
  • Service and Supply Chain Manager


Administration Activities:

  • Contracting, booking and raising invoices in line with CSI requirements
  • Arrangement for deliveries with transport vendors as & when required
  • Responding to and co-ordinating all internal meeting requests
  • Provide comprehensive monthly reports on credits passed (applicable to branches only)

Ad hock Duties:

  • Communicate order delivery schedules to the customer, timeously
  • To ensure that all orders despatch are successfully delivered
  • To control & manage stock at the relevant branch, including the processing of cycle counts and resolving any discrepancies (applicable to branches only)
  • Plan and arrange deliveries to customers with the assistance of the Branch Manager and/or driver
  • Duties and/or activities assigned by management/board as and when required


Information Technology and Services:Call Centre Team Leader From 2002-12 To 2004-02
  • Ensured that all tickets were allocated within 15 minutes of being logged and responded to within 24-hours.
  • Ensured that tickets were updated every second day and that correct information was supplied on the ticket.
  • Ensured that tickets were logged correctly as per the standard requirements.
  • Responsible for event coordination and marketing management.
  • Drafted cancellation acknowledgement letters once CRS has attended to their portion of the cancellation process.
  • Confirmed that the cancellation acknowledgement letter to the customer was correct and that the correct cancellation dates were noted in the letter as well as the correct steps noted for post the cancellation of said services.
  • Ensured that all correct tickets were logged for the relevant departments.
  • Attended weekly team meetings.
  • Created subscription order forms.
  • Responsible for general administration duties as well as product renewals.
  • Drafted letters and created estimates for renewals, software products and other annual services such as documentation quality control checking.
  • Ensured subscription forms were correct prior to sending out to other departments for action.
  • Kept all databases up to date with client information.
  • Attended to all reports within the billing cycles.
  • Liaised with clients to bring CAL in line with agreed limit - ensured client agreed to delete unnecessary users.
  • Liaised with clients to agree to price increases if new user CAL limits was exceeded.
  • Obtained permission from clients for all pricing increases.
  • Coached the team in order to ensure quality of delivery met the appropriate standard.
  • Measured and managed the team to ensure out-of-line situations were immediately addressed.
  • Ensured that all human resources policies and procedures were observed.
  • Conducted team briefs as scheduled by the work force management team and in line with the weekly focus agenda set by the Operations Managers.
  • Ensured regular feedback was given to Agents with regards to set action plans.
  • Tracked and accurately updated operational performance files for Agents on a weekly basis.
  • Compiled and sent reports as required by the business for relevant updates.
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
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