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Warehouse Supervisor

Candidate: 203143
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Male
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Warehouse Supervisor
R30000- R30000
Store Keeping and Sock Control

Storekeeping and stock controller Diploma:
NQF level 6:Certificate in Public procurement and supply chain management
NQF level 7:Strategic sourcing and supply chain management
Diploma:Store keeping and stock control
Grade 12:
Pharmaceutical - Healthcare:Warehouse supervisor From 2016-04 To 2019-10

Maintains Warehouse inventory and supplies by receiving, storing, and delivering items; securing warehouse and supervising staff

Checking and signing off on all incoming stock,checking for quality, lot number, expiry date and quantity against the invoice

Report all damages and shortages as set out in procedures.

Arrange that incoming stock are packed in the coorect bin location as per temparature

Checking and signing off on all outgoing shipments, again checking for quality, lot number, expiry date 


Pathology Laboratory healthcare:Warehouse Supervisor From 2012-01 To 2016-04

Warehouse Supervisor
February 2014– up to date

  • Ensure all stock related process, activities and procedures are adhered to in accordance to company policy including the physical investigation of all variances and provide feedback on stock losses or surpluses.
  • Supervises the stock controllers to ensure e.g. picking the correct stock from the bin locations, (shelves,racks) checking expiry date , unit of issue , packaging,no stock broken or damaged and any other discrepancies.
  • Delegates work load according to urgency with regards to stock delivery by staff members to ensure all urgent matters are attended to.
  • Organises quarterly meetings with staff relating to stock items or store issues to ensure correct stock control and health and safety.
  • Performs the duties of a health and safety representative according to the relevant legislation, safety protocols and company policy. This includes checking the fire extinguisher, checking the first aid kit daily ,seeing that shelves containing stock is fitted tightly, to arrange for protective clothing e.g. safety boots or overalls/uniforms, and reporting it to the warehouse manager should there be any problems to ensure a safe working environment as well as ensure staff maintain good house-keeping in the stores environment
  • Performs routine checks daily in the stores department including cold chain management , temperature monitoring of equipment ,stock placed in correct bin locations for storage , and checking that the receiving bay gates are closed before ending shift.
  • Performs supervisory responsibilities including the following ,conflict resolution, monitoring time and attendance , leave, (IR mattters),encourage team development through leadership, motivation, lead by example, involved in recruitment process and evaluation of employee performance onn work methods according to company policy and procedure.
  • Trains new employees in stires environment relating to stock control e.g. hands on training, computer system training e.g. Meditech, Collaborator
  • Responsible for complete ISO function for warehouse.
  • Responsible for manually creating storage loctions on the floor and manging all bin and bulk locations on the computer system , meditech within the designated store to ensure effective and efficient stock retrieval system.
  • Resposible for planning ,co-ordinating following up on all orders electronically and physically counting of stock , entering figures on the computer system ,to ensure stock take process is in accordance to outline company process


Stock controller

  • Ensure all stock related processes, activities and procedures are adhered to in accordance to Company Policy
  • Accurate stock is kept, via stock control electronic system on the computer to ensure maximum/minimum stock levels are maintained
  • Responsible for the physical issuing of stock via Stock requisitions , into production and ensuring the accurate capture of stock issues onto
  • electronic system Meditech (in house package), to maintain stock level balance during stock takes
  • Responsible for the physical receiving all stock that may be delivered direct to the lab in accordance with stipulated Company Policies, to
  • ensure that correct and conforming material is received for consumption / production.
  • Receiving paperwork needs to be correlated and sent through to stores with traceable records for audit purposes and to ensure stock is
  • captured accordingly.
  • Responsible for the generating of Purchase Orders on the computer system Meditech via Procurement Department to replenish stock
  • levels and ensure that there are no stock out at the lab
  • Responsible for manually creating storage locations on the floor and managing all Bin and Bulk Locations on the computer system,
  • Meditech within the designated store to ensure effective and efficient stock retrieval system
  • Following up on all orders placed via the computer system – via Procurement, to ensure prompt delivery of stock
  • Responsible for planning , co-ordinating and physically counting of stock, entering figures on the computer system, to ensure Stock take
  • process is in accordance to outlined company process
  • Physically investigate all variance and provide feedback on stock losses or surplus
  • Driven by timelines
  • Stock Management
  • Maintaining proper Cold Chain

Dispatch supervisor
January2012 To February 2013

  • Supervising the dispatch staff which is the checkers and drivers , monitoring twelve cars with a geotab system for all the trip they doing , making sure that all deliveries for a day they go on time , reporting of car accident and damages to the transport manager in time and more important is the service of cars so that they musn’t miss their service and also the petrol cards

Medical Laboratory:Stores Supervisor From 2002-03 To 2011-12
  • Extracts internal stores orders information from procurement system to ensure processing of orders and to determine items requiring to placed on back order.
  • Receives and verifies goods received from suppliers in order to ensure accuracy of delivery and capture on procurement system.
  • Responsible for monitoring stock levels and initiate re-ordering as required to ensure continuity of supply.
  • Oversee dispatch of goods to ensure accurate and timeous delivery. Receipting of goods on procurement system for NHLS laboratories without access to the system to allow payment of such goods.
  • Oversee stocktaking process in accordance with company policies. Handle internal and  quieries   related to ensure resolution .
  • Stock rotation to ensure that goods used prior to expiry dates.
  • Responsible for necessary document for stock items requiring “P” numbers and updating stock equipment on database  to ensure that assets are uncounted for in accordance with company policies. 
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Ekurhuleni (East Rand),Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
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